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"We provide accredited training and certification programs in key domains of the data and AI industry. Our curriculum covers Data Engineering (20%), Exploratory Data Analysis (24%), Data Modeling (36%), and Machine Learning Implementation and Operations (20%). Each course is meticulously designed to ensure you're job-market ready, setting you on a path to excel in these high-demand fields."

"Dedicated to your journey, ride the AI wave with us. Do you have an AI product? We'll be your launchpad to success."

Whether you're a small start-up or a large corporation, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you unlock the transformative power of AI and use it to drive real results. So why wait? Join us today and experience the future of technology, powered by AI.

Our Mission & Vision

"At Meta-Matters Inc., we are on a mission dedicated to empowering our clients and partners with unwavering determination. Beyond the incorporation of cutting-edge software solutions and a robust open hybrid cloud strategy, we stand at the forefront of AI innovation, offering specialized AI as a Service (AIaaS) and comprehensive training programs to equip organizations for the impending AI automation era. Our pledge is to elevate their endeavors, societal contributions, and the overall human experience. Our foundational principles are deeply rooted in trust, individual responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to the success of each and every client. By placing a strong emphasis on human capital, we go beyond simply providing tools and strategies; we serve as a gateway to the digital future, assisting our partners in realizing their boldest visions. As we engage in collaborative efforts, our collective actions are poised to drive significant advancements and establish a lasting, positive impact on the world. For offshore companies seeking assistance in introducing their AI products, we are here to guide them through the launch process."

About Us

"Our vision is to set the gold standard in the software solutions industry. We aim to be the first choice for discerning clients and the beacon for top talent seeking to make their mark. Our commitment goes beyond just software; we are dedicated to leading the way in AI innovation and ensuring that our talent is not only trained but also fully equipped to meet the demands of the AI revolution. We pride ourselves on forging paths built on trust, personal responsibility, and a profound commitment to positively influencing business, society, and the essence of humanity. Through our unwavering dedication to the success of each client and an incessant pursuit of excellence, we aspire to redefine the limits of possibility and create an enduring legacy in the world."

Our Services

Artificial Intelligence Training

"We provide comprehensive training programs tailored to those seeking expertise in the realm of cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Our offerings include courses specifically designed for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty, ensuring participants are well-equipped with the knowledge needed to excel in this certification. Additionally, our curriculum delves deep into the intricacies of Data Science, encompassing everything from foundational concepts to advanced analytical techniques. For those keen on mastering the art and science of AI modeling, our courses provide hands-on experience, ensuring you're adept at both the implementation and operation of AI models. Join us to elevate your skills and stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving tech landscape."

Ai Automation Consulting

We provide specialized training programs tailored to harness the potential of artificial intelligence in revolutionizing modern workforce automation. Our curriculum not only encompasses the essentials of AI but also immerses participants in the practical aspects of seamlessly integrating these solutions into their everyday operations. Attendees will acquire practical experience in automating tasks using AI and will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to efficiently execute and oversee AI-driven training initiatives. Our courses empower professionals to leverage the transformative capabilities of AI, streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency across diverse business sectors." "We also extend our support to offshore companies seeking to enter the USA and Canadian markets. We assist in launching their products and establishing a strong presence in these regions."

Machine Learning Engineering

Our Machine Learning experts use your company's unique data and research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Natural Language Processing to select the best machine learning models to solve your specific business challenges.

Resources -Contractors Subject Matter Experts and Corporate Strategic Counsel

Providing Expert Legal Corporate Counselors and Strategic Staffing Solutions At Matter Matters, we specialize in supplying highly skilled subject matter expert contractors and permanent employees to major corporations worldwide. Our experts are equipped to handle a broad range of corporate legal challenges, ensuring your business operations are supported by top-tier legal talent and innovative staffing solutions. Data Security, Corporate Transactions: Whether dealing with mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships, our contractors and permanent staff handle all aspects of corporate transactions with precision and strategic foresight. Legal Analysis and Advising: From providing detailed legal analysis to advising senior management, our legal experts help steer your company through complex legal landscapes. Tailored Industry Solutions: We offer specialized expertise in key sectors such as Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, and emerging technologies. This ensures that the legal counsel and staffing solutions we provide are not only compliant but also strategically aligned with industry-specific challenges.

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